Crossing the Boundary is now available for sale!!

Exciting news! Crossing the Boundary – Jewish Leaders of Other Spiritual Paths is now available through this web/blog and also through Amazon and other major booksellers. You can receive a signed copy when you order directly from this site.

Those of you who contributed to my Kickstarter campaign should be receiving your signed copy of the book very shortly as I am busily signing and mailing them.

Now is the time that you can really help me by passing this information on to your family,  friends and colleagues. Suggesting they go to will allow them to see excerpts from the book and information about the message of the book. Most will appreciate the book’s relevance to the personal and collective challenges we all face as we explore spirituality and its interface with tribal identification. Though of strong interest to Jewish people because that is its primary focus, anyone interested in their own spiritual awakening will enjoy the interviews and reflections in the book.