Book Cover by Michael Green

alchemy man b:wThe design for the book cover is a creative embellishment of an old German woodcut design that depicts the wonder of a man or woman peeking out of their familiar world into a vast universe. Called “The Spiritual Pilgrim,” it is associated with alchemy. This black and white and also the color version are familiar to many people.

It seemed fitting for this book focused on Jews who stepped over or through the boundary of the world in which they grew up to explore and embrace other realms of belief and experience.

Alchemy manMichael Green adapted the black and white drawing  for the book cover of Crossing the Boundary with my suggested changes. Michael is an artist  well known for his many books and art work. His books include: The Illuminated Rumi, The Illuminated Prayer, The Dragontooth, Unicornis, The Hobbit’s Journal and others. His art is on display in private collections and hospitals around the country.

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