We live in a world with myriad boundaries. Many are necessary for the river of our life to flow with strength and beauty through our minds and bodies. Some we are called to cross over for the evolution of our Being. This site is home to my two books and a number of blog posts on the theme of boundaries and their crossings. Please enjoy and I welcome your feedback.  
~Alan Levin


This book is dedicated to all those courageous voyagers and guides through the realms of consciousness, past and present, seeking psychological and spiritual transformation with the aid of entheogenic and empathogenic medicines.

In this moment of a “psychedelic renaissance” I hope it offers guidance for safe, meaningful and transformative journeys for readers.



Fourteen Jewish men and women stepped beyond the religion of their family to become leaders of other spiritual paths. They became Sikh, Sufi, Buddhist, Taoist, Hindu chant master, visionary artist, Advaita teacher, Pagan witch, interfaith minister, Catholic, and Daimista. They share their stories and teachings in this book, now available on Amazon and other book sellers.


Welcome to this site. You are invited to explore and participate in the ongoing development of the themes of this book.